Assignment: Cadet Counselor
With Dick Broene
What, really, is the job of a Cadet counselor? This workshop answers that question, and explains the seriousness of the assignment. Being a Cadet counselor, it turns out, really is a big deal.
Blacksmith Basics
With Sam Verdonk and Andrew DeVisser
The age old craft of the blacksmith has not died!!! In this class you will learn the Basic principals of foraging steel. With lots of hands on work this will be a class you wont want to miss!
Material Fee: $15.00
cadets-yesterday-today and tomorrow
With Gerry Bijsma
In this workshop I aim to lead a dialog about my past experiences,what cadets looks like today in your clubs and what you think the future may look like for cadets
Leadership Spiritual
Conflict Resolution
With Frank Engelage
As people, reconciled to God through Jesus Christ we believe that we are called to respond to conflict in a way that is different than the world does. Conflict also provides the opportunity to grow and model healthy relationships. We can learn how conflicts develop and how to transform them into learning opportunities
Developing A Timothy
With Jim Hoekstra
We need to be intentional in developing young men and boys into leadership roles, both in Cadets and in the church as a whole. This sectional will deal with ideas on how we might better Mentor/Coach Counselors and Cadets--utilizing the gifts and talents God has given them.
Dutch Oven
With Harrry Kiers
Learn how to use a Dutch oven! You will be mixing up a yummy cobbler recipe and cooking it in the Dutch oven. And yes, you will be able to eat it. We will explain how to care for the oven how they work, and talk about some other recipes we have made.
Material Fee: $10.00
Flintknapping Basics
With Eric Deboer
Flint knapping is the practice of turning stone or glass into blades or arrow heads. This workshop will provide you with an overview of the basic techniques, tools and materials for Flint knapping.
Glass Etching
With Alan Gerritsen
You will be taught the process of etching images or words on to glass
Material Fee: $5.00
How Does God Develops Leaders
With Bill Pennings
Workshop will address 3 concepts: 1. The making of a Leader. 2. God’s work in the leaders lives 3. God gives the assignment (Biblical examples)
Model rockets from scratch
With Gary vanZandwijk
Have you been interested in making flying model rockets with your cadets but the cost of the kits preventing this plan? Why not build them from scratch? Check out how easy it is!
Material Fee: $8.00
With Ed Wolting
In this workshop we will discuss different challenges that may accompany the boy's and possibly counselors who attend our Cadet program.
Play to your Strengths
With Jeff Vandermeer
Do you ever get tired of suggestions to help make you a better Cadet Counselor that honestly... don't? As a Cadet counselor, do you ever have activities that simply drain you? Activities that inspire you? If I asked you which activities inspire you, could you tell me? Have you spent a lot of time trying to "fix" those areas of your life as a Cadet Counselor that you see are weaknesses... with little success? You see, I think one of the main issues that most of us face as Cadet Counselors is that we are trying to be someone who we are not, someone different then whom God created us to be, someone who we think we should be! In fact, I believe that in life, work, family, and as a Cadet Counselor - God has specifically gifted you in exactly the way he wanted to! In this session, we are going to try find some freedom to be more and more of the people who God has created us to be by seeing that we all have unique gifts, strengths and talents in a very practical way! Tired of focusing on your weaknesses? Together, lets learn how to manage around them and begin playing to your strengths!
PVC Bows
With Martin Heidinga
In this workshop we will learn how to make a recurve (archery) bow from a length of pvc pipe.
Rock Solid Cadet Counsellors
With Wilber Lise
Are you a head counselor who has men that say, "I quit." very quickly? Or are you a regular counselor who cannot stay motivated throughout the year? Well here you can discover some timeless principles from the book of Nehemiah that can be used as examples to help all counselors stay engaged.
Rubber Powered Model Airplanes
With Harry Kooy
Building and flying rubber powered model airplanes is a great way to teach simple building skills and have hours of fun. The small, quick-to-build airplane made in this work shop will inspire you to make many more of these planes with your group of boys. It is very satisfying to see something you made come to life in the air.
Material Fee: $10.00
Turning Routine into Relationship
With Darryl Deklerk
Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of a program we forget about the people. Even devotions or worship can feel routine instead of real. Meanwhile, studies of Christian young adults show that healthy relationships with people they look(ed) up to was a major driver of real Christian faith. As Paul alluded to in Philippians 4:9, our faith is more caught than taught. So in our session we'll swap stories of our own mentors in the faith, reflect personally on our current walk with God, and hear stories and ideas for turning routine into relationships with the people looking up to us.
Why does my church have Cadets?
With Steve Bootsma
We will look into this question together. If we can clearly answer this question to a new youth pastor or a new neighbour we are already well on the way to helping the Cadet ministry grow.
Wire Art
With Chris Huizinga
Making art with wire in a night