Craft Skill
Automation and Creating interactive projects
With Darryl Berg
By incorporating inexpensive technology. See how to make your projects move, light up and perform.See some examples and learn how to incorporate Automation in your projects.
Building a Cadet-a-pult
With Gary VanZandwijk
Chistianity in Politics
With MPP Sam Oosterhoff
Cooperation Within Cadeting
With Cand. Cody Swaving
Using passages of scripture we will find out why cooperation is biblical, necessary and important for cadets. Good cooperation also shows the boys living for Jesus in life applicable situations.
Introduction to Geocaching
With Jason Heemskerk
Everything you need to know to get started with Geocaching.
Craft Skill
Intro to Small Engines Badge
With Mark Buekema
Going through the badge for small engines this workshop is designed to help the beginner be able to take a look in how this badge can be filled out. We will take a closer look inside the disassembled engine to see how it all works.
Skill Leadership
LGBTQ in Cadets
With Andre Schutten
AARP Legal Counsel & Director of Law and Policy Andre Schutten discusses LGBTQ in Cadets.
Managing your time with Church, Cadets, Work, School, Home
With Dan Huizinga
Craft Skill
Metal Welding
With Jaap Zwaan and Andrew Bosma
Ever wanted to help the boys get the welding badge but your not sure all the tips and tricks behind welding. This workshop will help you with that and provide knowledge on how to set up for a useful project.
Part Time Counsellors
With Steve Bootsma
Leadership Spiritual
Precision Planting
With Rev. Joel Dykstra
Over the past few decades, the changing farming technology has steadily increased the land's yield. Planting has become a matter of great precision. At the same time, the changes in social media and our easy access to technology has made planting the seed of God's Word more challenging. How do we hold the attention of young people exposed to constantly changing images and sounds? How do we compete with the attractiveness of technology's presentation? And how do we shape the minds of young men so that they are transformed by the renewing of their minds? These are some of the questions we will tackle in this workshop. By thinking carefully about our message, our audience and our culture, our goal will be to equip Cadet leaders in discipling the young men under their care in the Word of God.
Pressurized Bottle Rockets
With Terence Sjaarda
It's a 1/2" PVC pipe with a o-ring that holds the water and air in the water rocket and a zip tie mechanism to securely hold a 1 or 2 liter pop bottle in place until launch time. Pressures up to 150 psi it will propel the pop bottle over 100 ft. The workshop would deal mostly with the launcher with limited time spent on the water bottle rocket nose and fins. Counselors will need to bring any available 1 and 2 liter pop bottles with a lid to try their launcher.
Rubber Band Gatling Gun
With Walter VanEssen
Rubber band Gatling gun. I’ll have kits made up with the major parts cut. Minor sanding required and some drilling and glueing. The gun will shoot approx 60 elastic bands when loaded, by cranking the handle and turning the barrel of the gun. Plans will be provided at the workshop for your club.
Spiritual Thirst
With Wilbert Lise
Do you sometimes wonder if the cadets in your cadre or your entire club do not show any spiritual growth? You jump start and get on some great thing and afterward there are no signs of any growth happening. Well, here is a workshop where you can find some practical ways from the apostle Paul letters, to keep seeing some real growth.